Hello. Welcome to my humble blog. I’ve been vascillating on whether or not to actually post anything here. I’ve been involved with some discussions on a couple of other blogs to which I’ll eventually link. I was advised as to what my first topic should be based on the response the advisor got when he posted on it. The discussion to which I referred ran along the same issue. I will begin by answering a few points and then we’ll see what happens. So sit back, as this could take awhile, and please use the coasters and ashtrays. Yeah, you can smoke here. The ventilation is excellent.

To begin, a little background. There was a variety of points raised and debated surrounding the discussion on the topic of liberal views on homosexuality within the Christian church. Some retain the traditional views and others offer a “welcoming and affirming” atmosphere. The latter brings with it, in most cases, no condemnation of the practice whatsoever, but does condemn the traditionalist or “fundamentalist” for bigotry, intolerance and general nastiness for holding fast to what the traditionalist believes are still relevant Laws of God. The traditionalist is accused of being unhip to the New Testament teaching regarding faith in Christ above works, when in fact, the traditionalist uses the Mosaic Law as a guide to living the type of life a Christian should, as a manifestation of his faith.

Naturally, the challenge is put forth to explain which of the various Levitcal mandates are still in play, that is, if you buy into the Levitacal admonition against a “man lying with a man ” as he would with a woman, then by all means, one must abstain from shellfish and by golly, stone that kid when he gets out of line.

So, in order to address these and other points relevant to the overall discussion, I offer this exerpt from a paper authored by two gentlemen by the names of Derrick K. Olliff and Dewey H. Hodges. The paper in it’s entirety can be found at http://www.reformed.org/. Scroll down the menu on the left and click on “Social Issues”.

I’ve found that this piece is aligned quite well with my take on Mosaic Law and why I feel it is still relevant as a guide to Christian living. What I haven’t found is how to cut and paste it to the body of this post, thus, I’ll try to see if I can put it in the comments section. Wish me luck.