It was a hard fought battle, but I think everyone survived. I think it’s pretty clear that I’ve covered all the bases regarding the beginning of human life and personhood. New fighters may engage, but please read through the many comments to avoid rehashing that which has been settled. Any real evidence in support of a counter argument will be greatly appreciated (but probably exposed as more subjective opinion).

So the question is, what now? I’ve done nothing but articulated the pro-life position and in a manner that suggests I know what I’m talking about. Not hard, really. It’s so obvious to anyone who looks objectively. I suppose it would begin with a repackaging of the facts as presented and a better marketing approach than what has been used thus far. That’s the first step in changing hearts and minds; presenting the facts in an easy to understand and indisputable manner. And present them without question to people in power. Eventually, enough people will begin to understand that which they didn’t even try to understand. Some will experience an epiphany or a paradigm shift and they will no longer be able to see the issue as the so-called “pro-choicers” insist it be seen.

For the pro-choicers, their claims must be vigorously refuted. The issue has never been about controlling women, as too many want you to believe, but about saving lives. And it’s about personal responsibility and dealing with the consequences of one’s actions. Not killing them.

And it’s about prevention. How do we prevent a pregnancy. It’s awful. It’s agregious. It’s unthinkable. But the best way is something sure to cost the lives of millions due to it’s stress and impossibility. It’s the most dreaded and hated method of all. Yes, my friends. It’s


Oh yes, it’s that bad. It will be so terrible. People will be walking along and just drop dead because they haven’t done the nasty in two months. Sex is like air, water, sustinence.

But truly, people have satisfied themselves with half measures and the psycho need for sex has driven them to create pathetic and misleading arguments to assuage their guilt and abdicate their responsibilities. But just imagine what the world would be like if folks stopped lying and controlled their urges! Wow! Delaying self-gratification for the good of the self and one’s community! What a concept!
For the young, education. Not the how to, but the what if you do. They especially have to understand what happens and what the product of their actions really is. They must know the “A” word is the only sure way to prevent, not only pregnancies, but all the STDs that are now rampant amongst their older brothers’ and sisters’ peers. And teach them character and virtue and honor and maturity. And that’ll be even harder without religion.
But for the politicians, hammer ’em. Let them know that their position on abortion affects your vote. Let them know that if they claim to believe as you do that they’d damn well better prove it if they’re elected.
For parents, encourage them to be parents. This “kids are gonna do it anyway” crap has to stop. It doesn’t work that way for 90% of ’em. Kids need and want parents, so parents have to lay down the law and enforce it with extreme prejudice. Lives are at stake here.
For the spineles, the weak-willed, and the totally selfish and uncaring, for all those who insist that sex is what makes the world go ’round, get out there and develop the 100% effective contraceptive. And not a “birth control” pill that only prevents a normal birth but doesn’t prevent a conception, which is what a “contraceptive” is supposed to do. If you can create that foolproof method that’s as effective as abstinence, you’ll be rich and you can pretend you’re really responsible.