I haven’t visited all the blogs I like, but of those few that I have, I didn’t see anything about Scooter. Though I felt a full pardon was in order, I’m happy George commuted his sentence. In a “much ado about nothing” case, it would have sucked out loud if Libby had to do time. Without backing out to double check, I think it was the article that Yahoo.com offered that spoke of Libby as an example of the administration’s stifling of dissent. This is laughable. Wilson’s article was proven to be garbage and distortions and that’s considered dissent? A break is required for me here. In all I’ve read about regarding this case, I don’t even see where there was an attempt to “out” anyone, though there was a leak. Too bad the leaker didn’t take any heat at all.

In any case, I think one has to credit Bush with consistency. He said he didn’t want to mess with the decision in the case, but you know he didn’t want to see Libby crucified. He satisfied both with his commutation. Libby was convicted (despite how wrong it was), and Bush showed respect for the process by NOT pardoning, though a pardon isn’t necessarily a show of disrespect for the process. After all, he was tried, convicted and sentenced, and, he still has to pay big bucks and has a criminal record…for not remembering. At least he’s free.