One of the main problems I’ve observed with blogging, is the unwillingness for anyone involved with a given debate to let themselves admit the other guy has a point. That perhaps the other guy is right. One side makes an argument, and the opponent disputes it. The first guy offers some kind of support, maybe a link to an article, a book, whatever, and the second guy accuses the first of using biases materials. So the second guy offers his evidence for his argument, and the first guy questions the second guy’s stuff. It never ends. What’s the point?

Now, I’ve seen some pretty lame stuff offered as evidence, and I’ve seen some that, frankly, I just don’t have the time to study at length. But it’s hard to debate without it, with only one’s own perspective based on life experience and such, because that’s the least respected source of all.

It leaves me wondering, “What’s the point?”

Originally, it was just fun matching wits and debating, arguing, being snarky. Now, it’s just spinning one’s wheels. Oh well. Gotta keep them bearings oiled.