While I have been recouperating, I have been mostly just hitting the various blogs I usually visit and spewing Vicodin enhanced comments all over the place. Then I saw a good suggestion by Geoff, which was to post something upon which people can converse. He thought my thoughts on Israel would be a good topic. So here goes:

When I was a wee lad, I used to wonder about the troubles between Israel and the Palestinians. As a product of a Roman Catholic elementary school, as well as a product who enjoyed religion classes with all the OT stories, I would naturally feel inclined to side with Israel and I’d think, “Why would anyone want to mess with the Chosen People?” As I entered my teen years, and I see the stories of Vanessa Redgrave (or was it Lynn?) marching with the Palestinians against the Zionist oppressors, I’d wonder, “Don’t the Jews remember what it’s like to be oppressed?”

Of course being much older now, I have very little sympathy for the Palestinian cause and could quite probably be considered a Christian Zionist. Of course I pity the average Palestinian citizen who is trying to live life under the crappola of Palestinian leadership. I mean, jeez, the money Arafat syphoned into his own pockets from international largesse should have provoked his own death by the hands of Palestinians.

But they have been led by one jerk after another, and then, as if things weren’t bad enough, they go and vote in Hamas the first chance they get. Hard to get worked up over such a stupid people.

Now Israel has pulled out of various areas thanks to Ariel Sharon, and what happened? The Palies trashed the place. As I understand it, there was a whole area that would have provided food and such just by walking in and taking it over and instead, they destroyed everything because it belonged to the Jews. What a bunch of idiots. And of course, they use the new territories as a place to launch more mortar and rocket attacks into Israel.

So what of Israel. I now believe that, conceding the liklihood that they have engaged in certain over the top practices over the years, they generally have acted like normal civilized people toward all those scumbag nations trying to exterminate them. Palestinians living in Israel have a much higher standard of living than do those outside of Israel. Israel IS civilization in a part of the world where there are really only pockets of it and much of it pretense at that. Israel is a tight ally of ours and deserves as much support as we can lend them and we shouldn’t be too quick to jump up and demand restraint when Hezbollah, Hamas or Iran decides to start up with them.

The United Church of Christ, the denomination of which my congregation is a part, supports divesting in Israel, and they speak against “Christian Zionism” as if it is only about end times considerations. Just another reason why I’d like my church to bail on the UCC. The fact is, abandoning Israel is akin to supporting all the fanatical and fascist elements of the WOT. This is a bad idea and in a time when there are so few in the world willing to call Evil by it’s name, I see supporting Israel as a no-brainer.

By the way, the thread that just dropped off with the posting of this one is, as they all are, still open for comments.