1) With all due respect for Les, a lefty and Bucks fan who shows class and good humor in his reasoned and rational comments (not that others don’t, mind you), a point he made on an earlier post kinda nagged at me. He said words to the effect that when he looks at a zygote, he just doesn’t see a person. That may be so, and indeed, it doesn’t look like what we think of when we hear the word, “person”. But that doesn’t mean what he sees isn’t a person. A guy in a Hollywood level gorilla costume doesn’t look like a person, either. The point is that looks alone don’t tell the tale here. It is a person by virtue of the manner in which it came to exist, together with it’s human DNA. I almost typed “and what it is destined to become”. That would leave open the possiblility of someone saying that it is destined to become human but isn’t yet, when in fact it is, but is destined to become an octegenarian awaiting double bypass surgery. It’s simply a case of looks being deceiving, or, judging this tiny book by it’s cover.

2) I’ve been taking heat at Geoffrey’s blog, and elsewhere for comments regarding “honor” and how it relates to certain actions in wartime and other things. It seems it’s hard for some to distinguish between when a particular action taken by two different factions might be acceptable and when it might not. It’s an “ends justifying the means” debate that my opponents can’t seem to resolve in their minds without putting their own at risk, or without accusing our own leaders of very nasty character. I will soon discuss this trait and it’s relationship to such specific actions soon.

3) A recent post at Carol Liebau’s blog presented a Newsweek Int’l article detailing the changing attitudes toward America from our Euorpean neighbors. This change has been a positive one with the elections of France and Germany’s new leaders. Great Britain’s new PM leans our way as well it seems, but is trying to avoid being seen as a Blair clone. In any case, the article spoke of many in Europe having a proble with our “unilateral coalition” in Iraq. Can a coalition be “unilateral”? It’s an interesting article posted a day or so ago. Check it out.