Today will bring memorials and remembrances, recollections and retellings, of that day that will live in infamy, the day when horror and evil struck our nation and felled 3000 of our people. May they rest in peace.

And may their deaths not be forgotten, nor the threat of the enemy we face not be ignored. My sense is that the crafters of the Project for a New American Century were wrong and that even an episode more dastardly than the attack on Pearl Harbor has not been enough to truly wake many in this country, say nothing of the world, to the dangers that loom for all in the form of Islamic radicalism.

September 11, 2001 united this country and it with the world. Twenty minutes later, it was business as usual. Partisan politics, philosophical divisions, and the usual irrational fear and loathing of the United States of America by too many of it’s foreign neighbors went into overdrive as President George W. Bush put the stopping of terrorism into it’s proper placment on the national priority list. He boldly took steps to quash this evil that has elements worldwide and was and continues to be met with self-serving opposition and timidity. Like a true leader, he procedes despite the obstructive rhetoric of his political opponents within and outside his party.

Now, six years later, and with the current report by Gen. David Patraeus informing us of the reality in Iraq and the progress and prognosis there, we have yet to see half the nation on board with the fact that there is indeed a true threat to us and the world, nor any signs that they have clue one on what to do about it. Instead, it’s the same old story of contradicting and obstructing of the administration, as if Bush is the cause of the evil and madness that resulted in the attacks on our nation, and the sole motivation for the anger against the West by religious luntics from the Middle East.

Perhaps it’s not a matter of anyone forgetting 9/11. Perhaps it’s simply that too many refuse to see it for what it was, is and will continue to be even after they will no longer have George W. Bush to kick around anymore.