Just a brief word to address what might escalate without a public service announcement like this: Though I would hate to be inundated, I can be easily contacted via email for anyone who cares to check out my profile. I mention this to allow anyone with concerns regarding other commenters an avenue for expressing those concerns. I would hate to lose any visitors who have, in my opinion, provided good fodder for debate and discussion because I bought an extremely large fodder container and it needs constant refilling. (Next to marriage, my greatest joy is being a fodder.) I don’t want to ban anyone. I’ll put up with a lot as long as it doesn’t get too wacky. Slam somone’s opinion if you want to. If that’s all you intend to do, go elsewhere. Slamming requires a counter opinion. Without hanging yourself out there, you won’t be allowed to trash someone else’s opinion. Overall, I’d prefer no one insult a guest of mine. That’s my job. Feel free to insult me if you like, I don’t mind. A good insult is entertaining. A bad one provides an opening for me. A cruel one gets your sorry ass dismissed, particularly if it’s toward a visitor, particularly if it’s toward a visitor’s picture of him/herself. It’s called “civility” and to me, one can be civil and snarky at the same time. It’s kind of a talent some are born with, but can be learned. I’ll let you know when you haven’t learned it yet. Oh yeah, and somebody tracked mud in here and I just had the carpet cleaned.