Today’s American Thinker (yeah, I know. But they’ve just had some interesting little articles lately.) had a column on the University of Wisconsin-Madison and their “Think Respect” program. The article was actually on how this idiotic program withered away from non-participation. What struck me was that someone in a position as lofty as a dean at a major university could be so stupid as to think it was a good idea in the first place. What was called for was turning in or reporting anyone who engaged in any behavior or speech that was deemed offensive by any of a number of groups of apparently overly sensitive people. Yeah. I want my daughters to go and whine about being called a “chick” or a “broad” or a “Christian” or a “conservative”. Oh wait. The last two wouldn’t garner them the time of day.

In any case, it’s nice to know that even if the kids are hopelessly indoctrinated already, that they still retain the sense to know crap when they see it. A student wrote in the school paper how they were capable of dealing with inappropriate speech without the help to the faculty. Good for them. Let’s hope they see political correctness for what it is as well.