Another downside is the impact on the language. Now that it’s Christmas time, how many people, for even a split second, experience a mental double take singing, “Don we now our gay apparel.”? Fairies are mythical creatures of magic, faggots are bundles of sticks and for a time actually meant a derogatory term of a woman or a child. For these and other words, homosexual connotations have come about only recently. I remember an episode of “WKRP” wherein newsman Les Nesman was out on the ledge about to jump because someone referred to him as a queer fellow and others heard it and thought he was a homosexual. Now, I refuse to use those terms except in their original meaning (unless I’m feeling surly, but even then, I’m far more likely to use a more generic term like, “rat bastard!”). I use only “homosexual” and its abbreviation, “homo”, which has garnered me heat. Apparently, calling them what they are is akin to the dreaded “hate speech”. So this downside is the redefinition of words for the benefit of 2% of the population, including, if they have their way, “marriage”.

And this is yet another downside. Marriage. Those of us who oppose homosexual marriage are now accused of feeling that our personal marriages are at risk. This one is stupid. It’s the institution, not a specific marriage that is at risk. And in the Netherlands, where such marriages are legal, out of wedlock births are around 60%, as people no longer place the same importance on the instutution now that it has been granted to homosexuals. Whether or not that’s the actual reason is something I’m not prepared to say. Let us just say that it has gotten that bad since the change has taken place.

And here’s a downside that is sure to raise a few hackles, whatever that is: Law enforcement agencies claim that on average, murders committed by homosexuals are more brutal. Another source says spousal abuse is far more rampant, with, strangely, lesbians being the worst for knocking each other about.

Well, that’s enough. There is more, but I’m done. Needless to say, these stats aren’t offered to imply that every person of the persuasion is hellspawned vermin to be shunned and cast out into the wastelands. I’ve known a few homosexuals in my 52 years and liked them personally. I’ve also known a few drug dealers in that time and got on famously with them as well. It doesn’t mean I agreed with their lifestyles. But all I’ve put down can be checked at the sources mentioned in the first post and from there one can decide for one’s self whether to believe it or to offer proof that any of it is blatantly false.

As to that, I insist that for anyone who wishes to decry my sources as biased, you’ll get no argument from me. You’ll still have to prove they lie. Bias doesn’t mean dishonesty or underhandedness. And for many, if not most, especially among people of faith, opposition to homosexuality isn’t intolerance (except for the bad behavior in which they engage), but concern for our society and the homosexuals themselves. And that IS the truth.