…and as a result, I’m not sure when I’ll be doing the bloggin’ thing. I’ve got a couple of things swirling around in the noggin’, but little time to focus, what with all the merriment abounding over the next few days. And to make it all a bit more challenging, our second oldest has been hospitalized over what seems to be food poisoning. After a few days of sick-to-the-stomach-ness and it’s attendant unpleasantries, she had finally dehydrated to the point of kidney failure and now is being treated to constant IVs and daily transfusions in order to get her back to square one. We’ve been seeing those platelettes go from around 4 to double digits and will continue until she’s in the triple digits once again. So the holidays will be enjoyed bedside in a city hospital with dinners to take place next week or the week after, recovery allowing.

But we still are filled with the Spirit of Christmas and it is at this point that I wish to say to all who visit here, no matter who you are:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!