With every tragic shooting, such as what happened at NIU yesterday, I have to give it up to the lib mindset that determined it is good for the law-abiding citizen to be defenseless against lunatics with malicious intent. Illinois is quite possibly the worst state for those who believe they have the right to not be shot to death. As a bastion for the looney left, in the state that gave us complete idiots such as Dick Durbin and Barak Obama, it is felt that gun control legislation actually means something to scumbags. Some years ago we had a crazy bitch walk into an elementary school and open fire on small children. How is it that criminals and lunatics are the only people able to aquire weapons and the good people of the state cannot? In Chicago and other towns, it’s illegal to own a handgun, never mind carrying one. A couple of years ago, a man in a NorthShore town was in trouble with the law for shooting a burglar who was trying to rob his home a second time. That town preferred he get robbed than to own a weapon to defend his property.

The Supreme Court is currently, or very soon to be, debating the understanding of the 2nd Amendment. Somewhere in my personal archives, what my wife calls “that junk in the garage”, I have a gun magazine that ran an article about the 2nd and detailing the mindset of the founders and the top people in each colony as they worked to decide what should be considered a right in our Constitution. Self defense was paramount and to question that the 2nd means I can carry a weapon for self defense is akin to arguing whether or not water is wet. The left has long suffered from an inability to understand the obvious, and people die as a result. The decision to disarm the general public, an example of the fascism of which they accuse the right, parallels the attitude of the left toward the war in Iraq, a major front in the war on terror. They will leave the citizens to the mercy of the despots and lunatics and somehow claim a superior position of compassion. Thank you so very much looney liberal left. May God have mercy on the souls of the victims of liberal philosophy.