I just read this at AmericanThinker.com. It’s hard to disagree. The conservatives in this race have long left us wanting, in large part due to the push for those less than conservative by the media, some talk radio folk, and the voting public’s unwillingness to pay attention and research the candidates. Now we’re left with McCain, who despite the wailing of Michael Medved, is indeed more liberal than any self-respecting conservative can stomach. The writer is echoing the sentiments of Ann Coulter who believes that it is better for a lib to make stupid lib mistakes and take the heat, should libs actually blame one of their own for failures (they rarely do), rather than have conservatives take the hit.

Since McCain/Feingold, I had decided that I couldn’t vote for McCain. It’s true what Medved says, that McC/F has done little to truly take money out of politics, but the failure of a stupid move does not legitimize ignoring the person who made it. The intentions of the person take precedence in deciding how to proceed.

Then of course came other bills with his name on it, the most insufferable is the McCain/Lieberman bill regarding the mythical man-made global warming. Now, with Johnny-boy way, way, way in the lead with over 900 delegates to the Huckster’s 200+, the preacher’s gonna need a miracle to turn things his way. But he’s only a slight step up. And the plan for many at this point is to hold the nose and vote for McCain over whichever buffoonish socialist the Dem voters foist upon us. Talk about rocks and hard places.

So now, I’m once again leaning away from backing the party, since the party has lost it’s way so badly, and let the Dems have it all. It’s difficult to imagine that we’d have to suffer for more than four years.

But there’s one final possibility and that is if McCain can give us an indication of not only who’ll be his VP choice, but who he has in mind for the Supreme Court, and that he’ll back off on some of his goofier notions, such as closing Gitmo and housing those scumbags here where they’d be more likely to be treated like common criminals rather than the uncommon evil that they are.

Tricky times, my friends. Tricky times.