The title of this post is a line that for many would be answered, “I don’t care what the neighbors say.” Everybody likes to think that they are unaffected by the opinions of others when that body has reasoned his position correct. They won’t change their sartortial style or the style of their hair if they truly believe it looks hip. Offense is taken when parenting choices are questioned by others. In almost any arena, each of us likes to believe that we act on principle, conscience, or personal taste, and that’s where it ends.

Now if we looked at this from a political perspective, which side takes this more to heart? Without having any research or studies to back me up, I’d have to say that liberals more proudly and loudly proclaim their total independence. They like to think they take the road less travelled. They like to think they have struck out on their own and will push on in the knowledge that they are unaffected by the warnings of old fogeys who find their uniqueness troubling. That’s fine. Though much of their “independence” is juvenile and meaningless, kudos to them for standing on their own. (And good luck getting anywhere looking like that.)

But when it comes to world opinion, my goodness how the left worries so. They suffer from the vapors to think that Europe might look down their noses at decisions of our government. Of course, seeing as how the left is nothing if not contrarian towards anything that emanates from the current administration, they will naturally be inclinded to agree with ANYONE who craps on America at this time, and most others.

(The latest idiot to trash talk the country was Sharon Stone during an interview with some Arab periodical during the Dubai Film Festival. She has journeyed to Iraq to see for herself…and of course sees what she wants to see.)

But in this Bush has done just what libs claim they support, doing what he believes is right and doing so in spite of public or world opinion. For Bush, this position is prohibited. He is to do only what the left believes is right so that our foreign friends don’t think badly of us. Nonsense. This is one of Bush’s best characteristics. And frankly, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t care what the world thinks of us if we are engaged in doing right, which we have been. Our Democratic nominees hope to have the chance to raise up our image in the eyes of the world and to that I have to wonder just what will be given up, what will be compromised, how closely will we have to be like them in order to succeed in this endeavor? I shudder to think.