I just read this article at AmericanThinker.com and it reminded me of the church to which I belong, a United Church of Christ congregation. This idea of divestment regarding Israel is an example of the horrible thinking that is typical of the UCC and apparently the Methodists as well (the article suggests other Protestant denoms also). In our denom they call it “Christian Zionism”. Though I’m sure there is such a thing, which is some extreme belief in tying Israel to the Israel of the OT and the desire to convert them all to Christianity in order to hasten the end times, the position of these churches toward Israel is every bit as extreme & even more wrongheaded by quite a ways.

I’m going to go way out on a limb here and say that this attitude is entirely leftist, as in liberal, as in progressive, as in the goofiness we see from the leftwing of American politics every day. It is so typically liberal in the sense that it demonstrates the lefty notion that standing up to the good guys is somehow noble, which it is not considering the bad guys facing the good guys and the rest of us. These goofballs accuse Israel of being Nazi-like, as if we haven’t heard that about our own president. In the meantime, the Pallies are lobbing mortars and sending suicide murderers with regularity, Lebanon’s Hezb’allah is constantly thinking of new ways to portray Israel as ruthless, Iran wants to eliminate them from the world atlas, and Muslims and white supremists just hate them as part of their membership rules. So these liberal Christians think they are doing the Lord’s work by insisting that Israel no longer protect themselves, and by insisting that American companies no longer do business with them.

Well I’m going on record as insisting that these pudding-brained liberal Christians pucker up and kiss ass, because they side with the real evil in the world by taking the position that the problems in the Middle East are caused by Israel’s defensive policies, just as the lion’s share of libs view our own of similar nastiness. May God grant them true vision and spines.