Not too long ago, I expressed at Casting Pearls Before Swine my belief that there are people who shouldn’t vote. This year it seems like there are lots of ’em. They’re known as “Obama supporters”.

Anyway, Dan took this to mean I support restricting or prohibiting people from voting. This is not the case. Of course every American citizen (legal citizen, that is) has the right to cast a ballot. But this doesn’t mean that everyone should vote. The unfortunate fact is that there are so many people that vote without really educating themselves on the candidates and what they represent.

Take those Obama supporters (please). Pick one out of the crowd and ask them why they’re voting for Barry and they’ll say, “Who?” And when you say, “Barak Obama”, they’ll give you an answer as vague and meaningless as an Obama speech. They’ll recite the “Change” and “Unity” mantras. This leads to the question of which is worse, an Obama supporter who doesn’t know what Obama’s positions are or one who does?

But I digress. Selwyn Duke, over at, has a great piece on this subject here. Give it a read. He nails it.