Actually, one of the books I wanted to share with you all I’ve just finished reading. It’s called, “The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy—The Arguments You Need to Defeat the Loony Left This Election Year” by Mark W. Smith. A good read. A quick read. Even a lefty should get through it quickly with just a minimum of help through parts that confuse them. I have to say in all seriousness that it’s amazing just how much in this book should be obvious to all, but isn’t. Makes one wonder just what game everyone else is watching.

The other book that I’m a bit over half-way through is Alexandre Dumas’ “The Vicomte de Bragelonne”, which is the first third of the last book of the Musketeer saga. “The Count of Monte Cristo” was my first Dumas book and after that I just had to check out “The Three Musketeers”. I didn’t know at the time it spanned three books. Apparently, the third is broken up into three because it was so long. “The Vicomte…” is the title of the third book and in English is the title of the first third of it, followed by “Louise de la Valliere”, and finishing with “The Man in the Iron Mask”. A quick scan of the table of contents confirms that there is no chapter entitled, “Louise de la Valliere”, yet I never see this on the shelves of my local Barnes and Noble. Curious. I’ll need to check Amazon or perhaps scan the contents of the many copies of “The Man in the Iron Mask”, to see if some enterprising publisher has stuffed it into that book. Oh well. I’ve got some time.

Both of the books mentioned are well worth the time. I’m really enjoying d’Artagnan & Co. and will be sad when the books come to an end. He is based on a real dude, a book of which should be available somehow and has been mentioned in each intro of each book I’ve read thus far. I’ll be seeking that out as well.

So. What are y’all readin’?