What a great read. It supports what I’ve been saying regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict all along. There is no way for peace between the two until the Palesinians prove they really want it. Never has there been any indication that they ever really wanted it. They might go through certain motions, but it’s just for show and Hamas won’t even pretend.

There is only one right position on this issue for American foreign policy. That is that we withdraw all support and aid from the Palestinians and stand firmly with Israel, our ally and the only democracy in the region, and to speak plainly as to what we know to be the truth about who’s causing all the trouble. We should no longer implore Israel to show restraint in the face of daily attacks on their sovereignty and lives, but encourage them to defend themselves as they see fit. Seems to me that if a poll shows a majority supports the terrorism, then they are unworthy of support and must be then forced to care for their citizens without our aid.