Haven’t done anything regarding the five year anniversary of the Iraq invasion. I might have felt more compelled had any of the poorly attended anti-war protests not failed to generate any press. Think of how bad the turnout must truly have been if the MSM doesn’t pay much heed.

Of course the few times I’ve seen anything, there was of course attached to it some smarmy and illegitimate version of events and/or intent, and that always calls for a response. Those who serve deserve no less. To that end, I have had an ear out on those things said or presented that referred to progress as a result of the last five years in Iraq. Here is one example. The first several paragraphs lead up to a few examples of the progress in Ramadi since the invasion began. Sandy Rios gave a list of accomplishments at the end of a segment of her radio show, and when I find it I’ll present her list. In light of these and other examples, it’s truly a wonder to hear anyone pronounce that we are losing.


Vinny feels the evidence doesn’t support that the people in charge know what they’re doing. As it happens, on Medved’s show today (about a half hour ago from this update) he reported that the Pentagon has released a report discussing 600,000 pieces of evidence and intel regarding just what Sadam had in mind. This includes papers, computer discs and files, Iraqi news service reports, both video and print, as well as other items. Within this massive pile of stuff is evidence of Sadam’s intentions regarding his plans for Americans, including conspiring with a number of terrorist organizations, including bin Laden and Al Queda, to snuff Americans found anywhere in the Arab world, including Somalia. This should, but perhaps won’t, put to rest any debate over whether or not a secular Hussein would spend time with religious Islamists. If it involved killing Americans (or Jews I’m sure), differences between he and them were easily overlooked. Hussein no threat? Right. With a chucklehead like AlGore in office, those threats would more likely be realized. How fortunate we are that that Gore became the loser he was destined to be.