This piece at relates more about the Pentagon report regarding the links between Sadam Hussein and terrorist groups, including Al Queda. President Bush spoke of targeting any nation that supported terrorism. At the time, Sadam was very chummy with a variety of terrorist outfits. To say he supported them is now a grand understatement. It is inconceivable that anyone would look at Sadam as having been “contained” to an extent that would make our actions unwarranted. According to the linked small bit of info, it seems that our action was reasonable, to say the least, even two administrations previous, and certainly during Clinton’s. All those Dems who insisted during the Clinton years that Hussein was a threat worthy of overthrow could have pretended they had real spine had they not flip-flopped after Nov. 2000. Unfortunately now they appear to have only been concerned with sounding tough. Can you imagine standing for a position in which you don’t really believe for the purpose of political points only to find out that it was the correct position all along?