I need a little help with this one please. Is there anyone who can explain how the desires of these lesbians trumps the Constitutional rights of the photographers they sued? Anyone? This is absolutely unAmerican in the most basic sense! There is no way that anyone is obliged to do business with anyone wishing to celebrate their sexual deviancy. We have the right of free association. That means we can refuse to associate with anyone as much as associate with anyone. And the fact that what was asked of the photographers conflicts with their religious beliefs, this story is just another example of the downsides that 2% of the population intends to force upon the nation. I have no doubt that these sorry individuals could have easily found a photographer of lesser conscience to commemorate their so-called “special day”. They were simply out to demonize Christians who were unwilling to ignore God’s Will in favor of theirs. We need to pray for lost souls such as these while also standing against the insanity of their selfish and wicked agenda.