A fascinating letter to the editor appeared in this morning’s local paper.

Saturday over a cup of coffee, an Investor’s Business Daily editorial caught my eye.

All that I have read in most newspapers and heard on TV and radio is that President Bush has cost us our respect, and allies and our global standing has gone to pot.

“But a look at U.S. ties shows Bush to be a master diplomat who is strengthening U.S. relations all over.”

Prime Minister Gordon Brown says “the world owes President Bush a debt of gratitude in leading the world in our determination to root out terrorism.” I had read that when Brown came to power, our relations with Great Britain would go down the tubes.

How about President Sarkozy in France, Prime Minister Berlusconi in Italy, even Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany? They are all Bush fans. So are the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Canada. Add Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic, Romania, and Albania.

Tens of thousands cheered him in Africa. Then there are the Asian countries, the Arab states of Morocco, Jordan and Bahrain, plus India, Brazil, Chile. Even Russia and China still talk.

Of course our Democratic Congress is trying not to vote for free trade in Columbia so they will turn against us.

My question to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama and the liberal media is who is left that our president is alienating? Perhaps a few anti-American dictators! Who else?

Seems to me President Bush has done an outstanding job creating friendships by attacking terror, supporting democracy and promoting free trade.

James A. Wagner

I haven’t seen that issue of IBD, so I’ll have to assume that the list is lifted from the editorial he cited. I’m sure that there are pockets of Bush bashers in each of those countries on the list. I mean, we’ve seen protests on the news in the past. And I doubt we’re the only country with those who see only what they want to see. Also, none of this means Bush is now the best prez ever. In addition, it doesn’t change the fact that world opinion, even good opinions, should NOT dictate to us our path. Perhaps I’ll try to find the editorial in question. It might be online. I’d like to see it for myself. In any case, it’s refreshing to hear what is likely a more reasoned observation than we are accustomed to hearing from naysayers in this country. I never bought the “world opinion” hype anyway.


Note that I’ve corrected a point to better reflect my meaning. It’s where I’ve italicized the word “NOT”. Without that word, the entire meaning is wrong and would make me appear to be a liberal weenie. That would be unfortunate.