This opinion piece re-iterates what should be a slam dunk for everyone with a mind. I particularly like the faux sign posted along with it. It speaks volumes on the stupidity of gun control and gun-free zones. I think that if any school or business wants to consider their property a gun-free zone, they should require that all who must be there must wear a tee shirt with targets on the front and back.

There are so many stupid, and I mean REALLY stupid, arguments against concealed carry. A couple of favorites include: “It’ll turn into the wild west!” and “So if someone wants to carry a bazooka, you think it’s OK?” I usually laugh when I hear people say stupid things like these, but it’s really not funny any more. For the first lame quote, a simple examination of all states allowing concealed carry would show just how stupid the comment is. It just hasn’t happened. The second quote, far more stupid than the first, doesn’t need a response. It’s that stupid.

The whole notion that there is no way to decipher the 2nd Amendment properly in order to allow for self-defense is probably the most stupid suggestion of all. The founders were prolific writers and speakers. We know for certain that the amendment meant self-defense, period. I commit to searching through my dusty and cobwebbed archives of stuff saved over the years for a gun magazine that spent about a half dozen pages supporting this very point. Wish me luck. If I’m not out in two weeks, send for help.