Well gentle readers, I must say that I am greatly disappointed. I put up the challenge to Obama supporters to visit http://www.AmericanThinker.com to peruse a few of the many opinion pieces about Barak Obama and then pick one to defend him against the author of the chosen piece. No one picked up the gauntlet. Sure, I know I don’t have that many readers. But I was certain that at least one of the lefties who visit had spine enough to step up to the plate. I mean they’re all blog readers/hosts, so it’s not like they aren’t wasting time anyway. The only thing I can take away from this sorry result is that what has been suspected is actually true: Obama is undefensible, and his supporters are afraid to learn who he really is.

This is typical of the left. As we learned during the Bill Clinton campaigns, it’s never about character in selecting a president. I mean I get Hashfanatic visiting and using terms like “the Bush crime family” (I always get a chuckle when this guy posts his goofy comments—thanks Hash), but there is never anything to back up such assertions. In the meantime, Barry has numerous questionable alliances, and yet, he gets incredible support from among the left. This tends to support Michael Savage’s assertion of liberalism being a mental disease. How could anyone support a guy like Obama with the track record he has? It boggles the mind, and apparently it boggles the minds of the lefties if they can’t state why they want to vote for him. Time for a change? (We hear this every election cycle) Change to what? They have no idea. The right has a far better idea of what that change will look like than do Obama supporters.

What Obama is, is any guy off the street, as in, they’ll take any guy off the street and make him president. He’s got nothing in terms of experience, smarts, ideas or the character to be our next president.