Geoffrey took up my challenge, but posted it at his own blog “What’s Left in the Church”. I’ve been working on my response, which I will post here. There’s so much to mock, I mean, to refute, so it’s taking some time to compose it without being incredibly long. I tend to glaze over when new threads are too long. I spend too much time visiting blogs as it is without reading book-length posts. (Sorry to all who write them—feel free to carry on as you see fit.)

In the meantime, with a stomach full of Japanese food and saki, I chose to simply relax, do a little light reading and came across this. I had heard of this before and it suggests that the cries that we can’t deport all 12-20 million illegals are simply shrill whines. And, surprise, surprise, it’s a matter of enforcing laws, as well as passing a few initiatives. Get on the horn with your reps and turn up the heat. If Arizona can have success with this, why not everyone else?