The always brilliant Thomas Sowell states the obvious in a piece that touches on two aspects of the Obama situation: his past performance vs his rhetoric, and his views on the real threats before us.

In the first part, Sowell discusses how Obama’s soaring rhetoric is at the least, misleading when compared to what he has done in the past and with whom he has chosen to associate himself. Later, he wonders on Obama’s understanding of terrorism and their ability and willingness to be destructive.

Indeed, these things have been discussed before, by both pundits like Sowell as well as by bloggers like myself. But it never hurts to continually cry out what should be so plain, but rarely is to his supporters.

It’s kinda funny, in a pathetic and self-destructive way, that, like the Nicaraguans, who supported the communist Sandinistas after ridding themselves of the Somozas, the liberal left in this country, after decrying the Bush administration as some evil force in the world, are willing to throw in with someone who starts from a far worse place. As bad as they stupidly think Bush has been, they’re willing to support a far worse choice than another Republican. Even if it could ever be conceded that the left is, uh, right, there’s no way any sane person could see Obama as the answer.