“I didn’t anticipate my fairly conventional Christian faith being subject to such challenge and such scrutiny.”

This recent Obama quote caught my attention. How is black liberation theology in any way conventional? If Trinity UCC was his first and only taste of Christianity, I guess I could understand and cut him some slack. But even then, if he had never taken a moment to look at other denominations, or even other UCC congregations, where does he get off using that term “fairly conventional”? How would he know? And if he did examine others, how could he not see the unique qualities of his chosen church? As insignificant as this is, and I’m sure certain left-leaning visitors would categorize it as such, it seems like he’s either trying to convince the listener that his faith is like any other, or he is ignorant of how it differs from truly conventional Christianity.

Or perhaps he just doesn’t realize that most people are concerned about the goofball that has preached to him for the last twenty years, and why he’d consider such a dude a mentor. It has really been about his judgement in continuing to support Wright’s ministry, with all his hysterical anti-Amercian and race-baiting rhetoric. Now he thinks it’s time to leave Trinity. Uh, uh, pal. It was time a long time ago. And you ain’t foolin’ nobody about why you’re leavin’.