Michelle Malkin’s column at Townhall.com points out yet another industry hauling in OBSCENE PROFITS!!! that hasn’t gotten the venomous outrage and condescending scrutinity endured by the oil industry. Now, I pointed out the movie industry after reading of the money taken in from the Memorial Day weekend. That would be one weekend. But Michelle brings up another obvious, but very contemptable industry, the abortion industry, namely, Planned Parenthood. According to her data, our tax dollars comprise a third of their budget. That has to stop. There’s quite enough morally challenged libs and feminists that can donate without taking my dough to whack infants.

On a side note, she mentions early on a quote from McCain regarding his distaste for OBSCENE PROFITS!!!, as if it’s any of his business how much someone else makes. And who the hell is he to decide at what point profits become obscene? Pretty subjective, if you ask me. Just another tidbit illustrating Johnny’s lib leanings. We gotta face it: Come November, we’re screwed. But I still maintain he’s less crappy than Barry.