In a few discussions at other blogs, the subject of voting for “the lesser of two evils” came up. Naturally, in this upcoming November election, McCain is clearly the lesser of two evils. But the point made was that some just don’t want to go that route anymore. One claimed to be “force-fed” McCain and doesn’t much care to be.


My response was that I don’t think we were so much force-fed McCain as much as suffering the ramifications of our own inactions. In 1994, Newt Gingrich led a conservative revival with the “Contract With America” and all was good. Since then, it seems that the general feeling has been one of complacency, that things will always be such with the right-wing side of things. This has obviously not been the case and the midterm elections certified it with the loss of Republican control in Congress. Some think it will get worse come November.

So what to do? Our job, as conservatives, Republicans, right-wingers, traditionalists, and people of faith has always been to be involved. To stay on top of the issues and to let our representatives know what we think about issues and their positions on them. Allowing the Obamanation to win won’t prove anything to anyone except that we are bigger idiots than the left ever could possibly have conceived.

But should even that evidence of the coming Apocalypse occur, it is encumbent upon us all to get involved and stay there. Yeah, that means making time in our busy lives for staying abreast of current events, writing, calling, emailing our representatives constantly to TELL them what we expect of them. Politicians are needy creatures. They need our approval and they need our support. When a DOMA type bill comes up for consideration, we need to be on the horn letting our reps know they need to support it. Even if our rep is an idiot like Dick Durbin or Barak Obama, we need to continually let them know.

In fact, it’s even more important if our rep is the guy for whom we didn’t vote. Imagine being some goofy Democrat and getting nothing but calls and complaints from constituents. Imagine being constantly told that every move you make, or intend to make, is wrong or offensive or contrary to the will of the people. A Dem would fold like a lawn chair.

So we need to do this now. Our reps, whether we voted for them or not, our party, local chapters as well as national, to let them know what we expect, and also for giving kudos when we approve of their moves, we need to stay involved. We need real leaders. We need to show them what a leader looks like, so we don’t have to hold our noses in order to defeat absolute bad choices like Obama, with a vote for a choice that just ain’t good enough, like McCain.

In the meantime, hold it tightly and vote for McCain.