What a tool. I don’t know if there’s anyone who visits here who might find thougtfulness, intelligence or insight in the opinions and blatherings of a Bill Maher, but I just had to post about this.

Way back when Billy-boy was doing his “Politically Incorrect” on late night ABC, that was before it moved to HBO, I found his show to be pretty entertaining from a conversational point of view. He would often have comedians on as well as politicians, pundits, and others. I cannot recall a single event wherein I laughed at one of his “jokes”. I used to think, “his monologue style reminds me of Carson without any laughs”. He’s just not funny.

So what can it be? How does this buffoon find an audience? It certainly isn’t his intelligence, since I’ve seen no evidence of that either.

But when it comes to religion, he has to be one of the all-time Christophobes to ever soil the airwaves. He has absolutely no clue regarding Christianity or religion in general. Through the misfortune of having heard him spew on religion on a number of occasions, nothing he’s ever said encourages me to believe he has ever truly studied or searched for the truth. He impresses me as one who may have read a bit, but always with the stern “convince me” attitude of one who insists on holding firmly to his atheist ways. And he’s welcome to believe what he likes. But talk about hate(ben) and misrepresentations(Dan) and smearing.

So how can it be that he continues to hang onto his TV show? I know that some of the left-leaning amongst my humble readership will deny that he speaks for the average liberal. But how does he maintain not just any following at all, but one large enough to justify any broadcaster to keep him on the air? Who could be supporting him? Let’s see, Christians? Republicans? Conservatives? Rhodes Scholars? I gotta think it has to be lefties. This unfunny lowlife represents a good portion of those wacky liberals. Who else would find him funny or clever or worth the time of day?