Lately, but not only so, I have been accused of basically having no thoughts of my own, having never educated myself on political philosophy, of relying on sources that agree with me only, of relying on biased sources that spew lies and distortions. Naturally these accusations come from those who don’t quite agree with my take on things. Apparently there is a wealth of knowledge heretofor unknown to me that will illuminate my mind and guide me to the realm left of center, and this knowledge base is comprised of solid truth, facts and common sense.

Thus, I invite my left of center friends to use this thread to inform me of just where I can find this totally reliable font that will generate the paradigm shift necessary for me to be as, uh, enlightened as are they. This could be books, periodicals, TV/radio shows, whatever. But, and this is an important “but”, you must demonstrate in some way why I should believe that such sources are worthy of any faith.

Right wingers are welcome to do the same.

Just so everyone knows, I will not be offering any myself. I don’t need to. I haven’t made such accusations. The gauntlet of challenge is thrown. Good luck. I can’t wait.