Matt Barber has a nice piece at I will continue to re-print articles such as these to re-iterate just what a lowlife Obama is for his support of this vile practice. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to comment on this “above my paygrade” remark regarding when one gains human rights.

This comment alone speaks volumes about the character and courage of this pretender to the throne. I suppose I should go easy on the guy. After all, one cannot have courage of his convictions if one has no convictions. I don’t mean the type of convictions his friend Tony Rezko now has, but the type by which men are measured. But what kind of weenie can’t muster the courage to answer this question? That’s easy. One who doesn’t want to highlight that which he knows is abominable. One who doesn’t want to highlight what horror he supports.

Even most pro-abortion lefties see problems with both partial-birth abortions and denying medical care for living breathing infants. Not this guy. Screw the kids, we can’t deprive women their right to do away with them. Hell no. What would this nation come to if people cared about the most innocent and helpless among us?

Geoffrey said something recently along the lines of abortion not even being on the radar in this election. More’s the pity for this nation. And Les has big problems with the suggestion that he and other abortion “rights” supporters are labeled by some as equal to murderers. Hopefully, they don’t disagree with the heinous nature of either partial-birth or opposing BAIPA. These are fully formed infants we’re talking about here.

We can set aside every other position and issue and campaign promise. None of that matters. His position on these two issues are enough for honorable men and women. Barak Obama does NOT deserve consideration for President of the United States of America. Those who support him dishonor themselves.

I can smell another bumper sticker:

It’s Obamanable!
It’s an Obamanation!