This article is like a “Part Two” of the previous post, which it pretty much is since it’s by the same guy, Randall Hoven. An additional plus for me is considering how well the last one went over, this should bring lots of well documented counter arguments and/or guffaws by Dan meant to imply that he knows better, the thought of which brings guffaws from me.

But I think it should be kept in mind that the points made by Hoven are not hidden, they are not that which most are truly unaware, and they make it hard to take seriously anyone who claims that Bush is the “worst president ever”. Seems to me a lot was accomplished for by a guy who’s supposed to be a “moron”.

But back to the fun. If the usual suspects want to dispute the points made and the sources used to support them, I’m gonna stick my neck way out there and assume they won’t dispute those stats of the first paragraph. Those stats they’ll likely leave alone. Let’s watch.