Today I witnessed a wonderful thing. The Chicago Bears b-slapped the Indianapolis Colts. It was beautiful. After the torture of watching their pre-season comedy skits, they came out and played like the Bears we all hope to see every stinkin’ year. Though their first series began horribly, they ended up controlling clock with the fine running of rookie running back Matt Forte. He’s the first rookie to start the first game of a season since Sweetness, Walter Payton did it. But Walter carried 8 times for no yards. Forte ran about 20 times for around 120 yds. and a TD. Kyle Orton didn’t dazzle, but he made no mistakes and ran the offense in a more than competent manner, which was made to look relatively easy through the fine work of a make-shift O-line. If Forte can run like this throughout the season, the defense won’t be overworked, and they can beat the crap out of opponents like they did tonight. And as long as Devin Hester doesn’t make any more bonehead plays by being overly cocky, our special teams will continue to be as special as they have been for quite a while. Next week, at Carolina. We’ll see.

In the meantime, both Chicago baseball teams are in first place in their respective divisions. The Cubs have been losing a lot, but so have Milwaukee and St. Louis (thanks guys). And the Sox have been spinning their wheels and though they’ve gotten a bit of breathing room (2.5 games in front since this morning. Didn’t see anything baseball related today), they’ve basically been matching the Twins loss for loss and win for win. That’s OK as long as we’re in 1st. Tough break losing Carlos Quentin’s bat for a while. Prolly won’t be back until deep in playoffs. (36 HR/100RBI) Both teams in the playoffs would be way cool. The deeper they go, the cooler it will be.

Sports are cool.