What’s with this Desean Jackson idiot? If I were coaching the Eagles, I’d fine that jerk 10K for such a stupid, pathetic, self-promoting and egotistical jackass move. It’s bad enough they feel the need to perform stupid end-zone celebrations, but shouldn’t the children get into the end zone first? He cost the team 6. And no, it doesn’t matter that Westbrook punched it in on the next play. The kid’s still a jackass and he still deserves a fine.

So Blamin’ gets braggin rights and I gets gaggin rights. Damn Bears. I gotta little advice for Lovie: how ’bout adjusting at half time? How about trying to figure how the opponent will adjust to you?! Damn Bears. I hope they don’t waste that Matt Forte kid. He don’t run like no rookie.

So who’s this Brett guy they used to have in Green Bay? I think these guys are the youngest team in the NFL. A good nucleus of dudes up dare, ya hey.

Minnesota and Detroit. BWa ha ha ha ha. Same ole’ same ole’. Damn Bears.

That’s it for my division. How bout yours? Oh yeah. Cowboys suck!