In this morning’s paper I read that :

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the first major world leader to face voters since the global financial meltdown, led his Conservative Party to victory Tuesday, Canadian media projected. It was predicted the Conservatives would win enough Parliament seats to at least form another minority government.”

Italy, Germany, France and now this. Cool. Seems our foreign friends are beginning to reject what some in this nation strangely think is a good thing.

Also, a letter writer opines that these were the facts on June 12, 2007:

-Stock market and 401(k)s at all time highs
-Unempolyment was at a 25 yr low
-Federal tax revenue was at an all-time high
-Income taxes at an all time low
-Federal deficit was down 50% from previous year
-Interest rates were down
-Home values were up
-Gas was about 2.35 per gallon

The writer goes on to point out that Bush’s policies haven’t changed in the last year and a half. “The only change has been the Democratic takeover of Congress.” He then re-iterates what conservatives have been saying for awhile, that Bush’s mistake was not weilding the veto pen on all those massively pork-laden and earmark burdened bills that came across his desk. But yeah, let’s vote in more Democrats. Because we need change. Because prosperity just doesn’t work.