The article in this link is about California’s Proposition 8, which will establish a California State Constitution definition of marriage that will void the decision of radical state court justices which declared homosexual marriages legal and equal to traditional marriage. (I stole it from Neil’s blog. He finds the best stuff.) The article could be another in the series of downsides of homosexual marriage that I’ve run in the past. But I present it for another purpose.

Of all the myriad reasons to oppose an Obama presidency, of which there are likely at least twenty as well, possibly the number one reason for me is the question of judicial nominees. As far as the Supreme Court, we already know that ol’ Barry opposed the appointment of Alito and Roberts. We also know that he prefers another Ginsburg or Breyer or Souter. And we’ve gotten more confirmation, in the form of a 2001 radio interview, that the Obamanable one views the Constitution as most view used toilet paper. Being smarter than the authors of that noble note, he finds it greatly lacking.

I say all this to note that with an Obama presidency (GACK!), the likelihood of the type of dangers listed in the linked article is greatly enhanced, and horribly so. His vision for America is blatantly unAmerican. And he will ram that nightmare of a vision down the throats of normal Americans unaffected by his empty, but expertly delivered rhetoric (his only legitimate ability, used for ill rather than good) with the help of justices and judges handpicked from Baraboo, Wisconsin’s RB,B&B Museum (or their winter home in Florida).

He thinks he’s a uniter (which, according to spellcheck, isn’t a word). Read the linked article again and you’ll have a sense of just how divided our nation will become should the polls attract more idiots than people of good sense and Barry Obooboo’s judicial nominations be confirmed. And that’s just one issue. Add to it things like taxation, illegal immigration, abortion, foreign policy, and then consider he’ll complete the double triumvirate of himself, Pelosi and Reid, and with his appointments the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. The chances are very high that his thoughtless and buffalo’d lapdog supporters will find themselves wondering, “What the hell was I thinkin’?” Please. Obama supporters. GET A CLUE!