Over at Mark’s blog, Casting Pearls Before Swine, commenter Wade Moline had this bit of insight about Barry Obumble:

“…he has said the constitution doesn’t give government enough power, he has said this country is fundamentally flawed because the constitution is fundamentally flawed.”

After reading that, I thought about how in the execution of the War on Terror, President George W. Bush was constantly accused of usurping our rights and, heaven save us! trampling on the Constitution of these here United States of America. Now we hear that Barry is less than pleased with the manner in which the Constitution was written. His words suggest change indeed. But is this the type of change any true American should be expecting? Does the hope expressed by Barely and his minions include a hope to change our Constitution to give the federal government more power? I was under the impression that it was a document designed to limit government’s power. This from a constitutional “scholar”. Where are all those Bush haters now? Willingly bending over, I’m guessing. “Thank you, may I have another!”