Well, I guess congrats are in order. I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere for those. I’m far too concerned about giving my condolences to a nation astray.

I’m not bigoted enough to think that this is a great day for America simply because the president-elect has darker skin than all those who went before him. I’m far more concerned about the content of his character, a character already suspect because of alliances as well as philosophies. I’m far more concerned for all the babies that won’t stand a chance. I’m concerned that the freedom of religious expression will be further eroded in favor of how a minute percentage of the population chooses to pleasure themselves. I’m concerned about even more corporations moving overseas due to even more burdensome taxation. I’m concerned about the suppression of speech under the guise of “Fairness”. I’m concerned about foreign wackjobs teeing off on the United States, her interests and allies, now that their choice for our president has won.

Is there enough lubricant available to lessen our pain?