I saw this AmericanThinker article and just had to post a link to it so that everyone can see an example of extreme racial bigotry and hatred. It drips with disgusting epithets and tired stereotypes.

Just kidding. It’s really about Global Warming. Just a little joke for my own amusement. Geoffrey thinks AT is racist, among other equally goofy things, so I had to have my little joke. But give it a read. Despite Geoffrey’s unsupported opinions about AT, which hosts pieces by a veritable cornucopia of writers and people who live in the real world, this piece is by a physicist who understands the subject, though likely not to Geoffrey’s lofty and fantasy world standards. It’s more than denial of the Goracle, it’s a counter to what apparently passes on the left for consensus and science. But then, what do I know? I don’t understand these things. I wonder if this guy has any peer reviewed papers? (That’s like God’s own impramatur.)