I was saddened by this news regarding eHarmony. Michelle Malkin nails the situation perfectly.

Of course what we’re looking at here is, as Michelle states it, bullying by the homosex faction. Also as stated, there are tons of homosex match-making sites from which a desperate homosexual can choose. In the same manner, there are likely tons of photographers, or at least quite a variety, in New Mexico that two lovestruck lesbians needn’t intimidate a Christian into either taking the job or suing her for spite. It is plainly a matter of one insignificantly small group forcing their morality down the throats of the overwhelming majority. (“Forcing down throats”? Jeez, I hope that doesn’t conjure homoerotic thoughts in the oversensitive mind of Geoffrey! So much elicits such imagery for him, poor guy.) These sad unfortunates are gaining special consideration by certain segments of the legal community that supersede already established Constitutional rights to free association and the exercise of religion.

This is a manifestation of homosexual guilt. It is this guilt that drives them to insist upon their “rights”, rights that don’t truly exist (a Constitutional right to sodomy?), and their guilt won’t be truly assuaged until every living being believes what they down deeply don’t believe themselves. And they intend to make for every opponent a living hell to endure until they get their way.

Bigotry my ass.