I found this via an email from Culture Campaign. Say what you will about the Roman Catholic Church, but they do tend to stand firmly behind their beliefs. That’s something that the rest of Christendom could emulate. It’s true that they have their liberal factions, and apparently more Catholics voted for Obama than didn’t. But when it comes to those things that define what it means to be a Roman Catholic, the heirarchy doesn’t bend. I like that.

Here, we read that the United States Council of Catholic Bishops, led by Chicago’s Cardinal George, have re-iterated their support for the unborn and have done so in the strictest of terms. Again, I find it gratifying that there are some that are committed to good as they see it without worldly influences dictating their direction. Read Cardinal George’s statement here.

The issue of abortion is often described as a “wedge” issue. I’ve even heard Newt Gingrich use the term, though which issues he considers “wedgie”, I’m not entirely sure. It goes without saying that for me, and many, many others, human life cannot be considered a “wedge” issue. I was set to look for a third party when it was said that McCain was considering a pro-abortion VP. I’m glad I didn’t have to make that choice. Anyone who believes abortion is a wedge issue needs to have their moral compass checked for defects.