Over at American Descent, Geoffrey made a comment about other countries having good ideas. Though it was in context apart from what I’m about to relate, this Russian idea is one worth adopting.

As mentioned in his book America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It, Mark Steyn speaks of the depleting populations around the Western World. The linked piece points out Russia’s horrible birth rate, largely due to a very high rate of abortion. The United States still has a birthrate that is high enough to replace those that die off, though at a far lower rate than in years passed. Though many simply choose to have fewer kids than in earlier times, abortion also plays a part.

So, aside from the obvious immorality of abortion (which compounded the previous immorality of promiscuity), we also face a decline in population that threatens us economically. How much less would our Social Security problem be with the 40-50 million aborted lives allowed to live and grow into productive citizens paying into the system?

The best part of the article mentions an abortion free day, where women are schooled in being good mothers. What a concept!