In a recent post, Shedding Light, I ruminated on a few aspects of the homosexual agenda situation and in the subsequent comments once again dealt with questions concerning why I should feel threatened by the country someday granting marital “rights” to homosexuals. One of my concerns regards the clashing of our well established right to practice and express our religious faith vs. the “right” to openly live as a homosexual and go through life pretending there is no difference whatsoever between them and heterosexuals, otherwise known as “normal people”, forcing them to act as if they believe it, too. And without a doubt, clash we will, just as we are doing now. This piece from Illinois Family lists a number of case studies where that clash has actually played out, and how the already well established right has too often been dealt a blow (pardon the expression) in favor of the fantasy “right”. In addition, there is also the right of free association that will be expected to take a back seat to the rights of these sadly confused people.

I offer this from the same newsletter as a kind of companion piece that shows the determination of the homosex activists to force the rest of us to comply with their selfish sex-based demands. They have a friend in Barry Obama and likely most of the Dems that he has chosen to staff his cabinet.