I stumbled upon this today. Tell me there’s no war on Christianity or religion. Of course it’s not just Christian or religious words that have been removed from the Children’s dictionary. A variety of fruits and veggies, common names of plants and words related to English history and culture have also been removed. Many of the words still have value and are descriptive, having a place in the common lexicon. Some of the words that have been put in their place are, first of all, not words but are phrases, but also not likely to need a dictionary for modern kids to know. They’re computer related and most kids with a modest introduction to the technology has at least heard the words, if not used them themselves.

But to remove all those religious terms is really appalling, since there’s little left around from which kids can get a sense of the all-permeating aspect of God. Nonsensical “scholars”, who have yet to find anything that has adequately replaced the lack of Christianity in the schools and public square, have taken another step toward the descent of Western Culture by banishing these words from the lives of the next generation.