This fine article from the racist and poorly written explains a concept of which I’ve made similar concepts on various blogs, including this one. If one is honest, one can easily see how the stifling of religion in the public square has contributed to what the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan called, “defining deviancy down”. Two recent incidents made the reading of this article all the more compelling.

The first was the receipt of a solicitation for donation to an outfit that is both pro-life and a promoter of chastity. (It seems the wife already discarded this into the recycling container and at this late hour I’m not up for digging it out. I’ll update this post later if I can recover it. It’s a most worthy cause.) In it’s letter it described a behavior amongst teens called “sexting” wherein the kids take pix of themselves naked for attracting dates or just for exchange. It speaks of teens, particularly college girls, turning to prostitution as if it’s just another job. It also speaks of statistics such as 1 in 4 kids having some form of VD.

The second was a piece I just saw on a news station speaking of a hazing incident involving girls from Glenbard North High School in the Chicago suburbs. It had to do with some kind of sports team wherein senior girls engaged in a very brutal and savage assault on junior girls. There was a keg of beer and eventually other students showed up, and kids being stupid, some video-taped the event. About a dozen senior girls were expelled, some junior girls suspended and several girls were taken to the hospital for serious injuries including a broken ankle, a severe gash on the head from being hit with a bucket, and other assorted fun. To view the tape was sickening.

I maintain and insist that the stifling of religion within the schools and in the public arena, but worst of all, within the homes of most of these kids, is at the heart of all of it. There has been nothing that has adequately replaced God in the lives of these kids and their parents. Is it any wonder that our culture is so warped? No one’s looking for a theocracy here, but those who insist that it is soley up to the parents alone are generally those whose kids indulge in these behaviors, and often indulge in them themselves. Our country can no longer afford this crap. Everyone needs to grow up.

UPDATE: This article from Yahoo is relevant to this discussion. It speaks of Mississippi taking over as the state with the most teen births. It mentions all versions of why a rise in teen births has occurred and why it might be more in one state than the other. But the reason of culture is given only a mere mention. Of course culture is a far larger reason because it made it OK for these kids to have sex in the first place. I would have preferred that the article spoke to pregnancy rather than births, for I feel the stats would be more alarming. Also better would be some kind of national survey that indicates how many kids are engaging in any kind of sexual activity beyond mere kissin’ and huggin’. That, too, would likely surprise.