A recent post celebrating an example of progress in Iraq morphed into a discussion about recent events in Gaza. This article illustrates what the main obstacle to peace truly is and thus, what needs to change, and drastically so, before a true lasting peace will ever come to pass. By extension, this change must take place if the non-Islamic world expects their own relationship with the Islamic world to also be a truly peaceful one. Because as long as Islam is influenced by those among them who believe the world must be ruled by Islamic law, because they believe Allah demands it, then the conflicts they have with Israel is only stage one and the rest of us will soon be in the crosshairs.

At this point I must clarify one point: I don’t believe every Muslim is concerned with world domination or the total destruction of the Jews. I don’t believe every Muslim hates Jews and there are likely those who are friends with Jews. But that’s irrelevant. I don’t know how I could ever tell with certainty without at least some personal relationship with a Muslim. It is not wrong for a Muslim to lie if the lie furthers the Islamic cause. And what are sleeper cells but Muslims acting like average members of society until they are called upon to unleash their own version of Islamic warfare? Their own religion means we stick our necks out farther than we would normally when we hold out a hand in friendship. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. It just means we need to make sure we see both of their hands when we do.

So until they come to reject that part of their religion that teaches these hateful things, there are very few options available to us. We can’t separate ourselves so that we never deal with each other. Both sides have resources the other needs. And Islamic teaching mandates that the whole world believes only in Allah and that Mohammed is his prophet. It tolerates nothing else. So separation would never last, either. And we can’t just sit back and let Israel and Islam fight it out between themselves because of the same reason. We’d only be next on the list of conquests.

Fighting back is the only way. Supporting Israel in their defense of their country while attempting to support those within Islam willing to make the only changes that will lead to a real peace. It ain’t gonna be easy no matter what. And those who speak out against the religious leaders of Islam do so with the knowledge that they’ve also placed a target on their own chests. I don’t believe that Islam is a religion of peace. I just hope there are enough Muslims who want peace and that they have the courage to stand up for it.

And for those who believe Israel is targeting civilians in Gaza, scroll down a few articles from the one to which I’ve linked and you’ll find a brief piece that trashes that notion rather well.