Whilst checking out SisterToldjah’s blog, I came across the following articles. As we wind down the last few days of the George W. Bush administration, we hear much about how the One will bring Eden back to the planet, after he erases all the evil and misery inflicted by the onerous Dubya. All the world will join together in song and love and understanding will flourish.

Adults, on the other hand, view the Bush presidency with more reasoned eyes and with intellectual honesty, judge his work based on reality, seeing both good and bad without naivete of the victims of BDS or the foggy perceptions of the Bush worshippers, of which I don’t believe any ever existed.

So, I present from the Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes’ list of what he considers the ten best achievements of the Bush administration. This is followed by Rich Lowry, from National Review Online who lists what he feels are ten mistakes George made. The third is also from the Weekly Standard by two guys who work in Berlin named Patrick Keller and Dustin Dehez. Together they look at 3 big things he got right with his foreign policy.

All three represent a clear-headed look at the last eight years. The usual suspects will provide the bloviating about war crimes and corruption. Enjoy.