My day started with an early awakening (for a guy out of work) so as to meet with a periodontist to get an implant. (Could there be a better way to start the day?) The appointment was for 8AM and by 9 I was in la-la land. (Unlike lefties, when I sleep, I’m actually unconscious.) Roused at about 10 or so, I had just enough of my wits to understand that everything went better than expected and that the inauguration hadn’t yet occurred. I had asked that they keep me under until it was over, and he laughed as if I was only kidding.

Nonetheless, the fetching Mrs. Marshall Art was dutifully waiting outside to chariot me home as I fearfully leaned upon a small nurse who helped me down the steps to the car. From there, I literally bounced in and out of sleepy-ville as my head bounced against the window all the way home. Staggering up the stairs (what a smooth buzz!), I quickly laid myself down and slept until about 5PM. So I managed to miss the swearing in and all, but after eating, I was unable to totally miss out on the drooling syncophants waxing breathlessly about how their lives are now fulfilled and they could die happily knowing they lived long enough to see the annointing of the Annointed One. Though the wife took me to pick up my car from the periodontist, and then a trip to the pharmacy, once I got home and settled in front of the tube, I could not change the channel fast enough but soon found my beloved but woeful Chicago Bulls to watch them lose a third winnable game in a row (they’re now behind the Bucks of all things! First the election, now this!) As they again lost in the waning minutes, like the GOP grasping at liberal policies as if their base would follow, I searched for other distractions quickly scanning past more idiots breathlessly trying to explain why they were happy about the election of someone of whom they have absolutely no real knowledge. I finally came to the final hour of the fine Robert Duvall film Broken Trail (truly one of America’s all-time great actors). This was followed (on AMC) with the great Magnificent Seven, during which I watched from my computer table, checking out the blogs during the less exciting parts and commercials. Finally, I went to bed.

It is now 9:50AM Chicago time and I still haven’t slept. So I’ll try for a couple or three hours, get up, clean up, eat dinner and go bowling. Hopefully I can get back on schedule.

BTW, I saved the collectable wrap-around special inaugural bird-cage liner from today’s local paper so’s I can read the address. As I understand it, within the first moments, Obama made an error such a smart, intelligent savior of the world should not have made. I missed it myself and it’s a minor thing, but hey, I’m not the Annointed One. 10,000 points for whoever knows it. No points if you stumbled upon it as I did.