I found this perspective fascinating. It touches on a few topics discussed here. One such topic is that of “unintended consequences”. It without a doubt speaks to that with regards to Obama policies. Another has to do with what happens without a culture-wide Judeo-Christian influence in our society.

Of course, the author is making predictions. His remarks are entirely speculative. But he does draw on a variety of sources to get to his conclusions. And those of us with eyes to see have understood the points he is making. The question would be how to get the opposition to understand such obvious points.

Consider that there is a growing segment of our society that has never even seen the inside of a church, much less have a belief in God. Whether or not that segment is evidence of what the author above is saying, or if it is a separate but equally troublesome phenomena is less a concern than how the two fit together to bring about what can’t be less than an entirely undesirable future for our nation.